Jeff Sessions Issues Order for 'Zero Tolerance' at the Border


Jeff Sessions, the U.S. attorney general and a racist Keebler elf, issued a memo on Friday directing federal prosecutors along the Southwest border to adopt a “zero tolerance” policy toward undocumented immigrants trying to enter the country.

In the memo, Sessions told prosecutors: “You are on the front lines of this battle,” and continued his campaign to stigmatize all undocumented immigrants as criminal masterminds hell-bent on destroying America (emphasis mine):

Those seeking to further an illegal goal constantly alter their tactics to take advantage of weak points. That means we must effectively respond with smart changes also. The recent increase in aliens illegally crossing our Southwest Border requires an updated approach.

Sessions directed prosecutors to work with the Department of Homeland Security to implement this policy, and asked law enforcement at the border to prosecute anyone who attempts to cross the border illegally.

“Remember, our goal is not simply more cases,” Sessions said in the memo. “It is to end the illegality in our immigration system.”

Sessions’ directive come in the wake of President Trump’s decision this week to send 2,000 to 4,000 members of the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border, as more than 1,500 Central American refugees continue their “caravan” north through Mexico.

Many of the members of the caravan are refugees fleeing gang violence in their home countries. Fleeing your home country in seek of political refuge should not be considered an “illegal goal.” Refugees are not criminals. What kind of government does this look like?

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