Judge Rules That Paul Manafort Can't Wear a Suit in Future Trial Hearings 


Paul Manafort, who was found guilty of eight felonies back in August, filed a motion to the Virginia court he will appear in later this week to be able to wear a suit to the hearing, as opposed to the prison jumpsuit he has been spending time in in the interim. This is not something that most convicted criminals are allowed to do, and Virginia Judge T.S. Ellis was having none of it.

“Defendants who are in custody post-conviction are, as a matter of course, not entitled to appear for sentencing or any other hearing in street clothing,” Judge T.S. Ellis wrote in an official court order denying Manafort’s request, which was first published by Talking Points Memo. “This defendant should be treated no differently from other defendants who are in custody post-conviction.”

For reference, this must be especially painful for Manafort, who is uh… a bit of a fashionista.

At the time of his arrest, Manafort was the proud owner of such items as a $15,000 ostrich leather jacket, an $18,500 python skin jacket (lotta skin for this guy!), and a few dozen $1,500 shirts and $1,000 ties. Per Ellis’s order, he won’t get to wear any of that.

Here’s Manafort’s mugshot.

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