Just Some Screenshots and Lyrics From Justin Timberlake's New Video


Justin Timberlake dropped his music video for “Supplies,” a new song from his upcoming album Man of the Woods, today. It’s four minutes and 11 seconds long, and it has images in it set to a song with lyrics like:

Saw you being caught up by some guy you used to know
Stepped in between the both of y’all
Said, “I’m leaving, do you wanna go?”


Some shit’s ‘bout to go down
I’ll be the one with the level head
The world can end now
Baby, we’ll be living in The Walking Dead


Now I wanna know everything
Don’t leave a single detail out
I’ll get my lighter, just fell out
It makes me a generous lover

Here are a few of the visuals that appear in this video of the music variety. I wonder if there will be any ultra-woke messaging under a thin veneer of symbolism. Maybe not!

Wow I also love watching television where screens say things like “Me Too” and “End Racism Now”! I wonder if one of those screens is playing Wonder Wheel, that movie from famous Time’s Up supporter Woody Allen starring Justin Timberlake! I wish I had so many television sets to watch so many different things on like Justin. I only have one.

Hi, Justin!

Oh wow everything is white except for Justin and his partner’s clothing which is darker. Haha, guess they didn’t get the memo!

I don’t know if this symbolizes anything, but it sure looks dangerous!

It’s really nice of Justin Timberlake to support his friend, who apparently packs a mean punch! I also appreciate that he’s wearing a flannel just in case we forgot the album was about him being a man of the woods.

Now everything is dark, but good thing everyone brought flashlights.

What a nice pyramid that doesn’t have any meaning beyond its geometric shape and/or beacon of light streaming from the top with hundreds of people doing yoga around it.

Oh no! 🙁

A great message for women who have always dreamed of being a body shop car jack while wearing a totally obsequious t-shirt!

Uh oh, they spelled “Revlon” wrong!

Here we see a room with a bunch of people with LED bands over their eyes suspended in a state of overstimulated sedation. Justin takes the band off one of the people, only to have them fall to the floor. I don’t know what it could possibly mean, but seems rude!

That’s not Jessica Biel!

Mad Max, great movie!

I don’t know where Justin Timberlake got these children of color from, or why one of them is yelling at me to wake up. But honestly, it’s kind of nice for Timberlake to give us this collection of very random and literal images. It definitely isn’t a scramble to position himself as the social justice warrior he’s never really been, and he’s definitely not banking on earnestness to make up for a lack of actual engagement.

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