Keep your eyes (and ears) on this 14-year-old R&B sensation


Jovanie Vital is two years away from applying for his driver’s license, but he might be the most interesting teen in R&B.

Pop music has been marketing teen stars since before the Beatles. These are young, usually attractive boys who can appeal to a wide swath of young girls with their singing and dancing. In pop, these boys are everywhere right now, but what about other genres? Enter 14-year-old Jovanie, born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, with a soul and a voice for R&B.

His most recent release, “Part 3: What’s the Move,” is the third installment in a series about trying to get a girl. It showcases a playful tone and Jovanie’s really great dance moves.

I mean, look at these:

If you don’t already have a crush on these moves , I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Be sure you also check out “Part One: Whip!” which features these steps:

Because he hits every move so hard, Jovanie’s whip is exaggerated. So cool.

Young stars hate to be called “the next Bieber,” but we’re thinking Jovanie might just be the next Nelly.

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.

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