Latinx-Owned Company Promises It Can Totally Make a Woke and Inclusive Version of Trump's Wall


For anyone horrified about Donald Trump’s border wall, don’t you worry. At least one company tapped by the Department of Homeland Security to construct a prototype barrier for Trump’s pet project wants the public to know that they’re committed to building the wall as ethically and open-mindedly as possible. And they want you not to worry about “racism” or whatever because they’re a “minority-owned company.” Nothing says “woke and inclusive” like a huge wall designed to keep Mexicans out!

In a press release shared on Twitter by CNBC reporter Kayla Tausche, Arizona-based KWR Construction insists that, given the wall’s inevitability, “all of us can make lemonade out of what some call a lemon.” Beyoncé would be proud.

The company, which boasts of “many […] workers having longstanding relations or roots in MX,” also wants to be clear that theirs will be an “environmentally sensitive” effort to physically wall off the United States from its neighbor (in order to accommodate all their “legal user-groups”).

According to the Washington Post, KWR’s prototype contract is worth anywhere from $300,000-$500,000, and is specifically for the construction of a non-concrete barrier proposal.

While the company is Latinx-owned, a spokesperson of KWR insisted that their participation in the border wall project was focused solely on their workers, telling the Post, “We want whatever jobs here along the border that we can get, and set aside our personal beliefs to support our employee.”

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