Laura Ingraham Turns Into a Racist Pumpkin


Following her colleague Tucker Carlson’s lead, Fox News host Laura Ingraham said on her podcast on Tuesday that Democrats want “new immigrants” who are “not in tune with the American founding” to replace American voters, a totally normal thing to say if you’re a full-blown white supremacist.

“No longer can they claim to be for border enforcement, or ‘Oh yeah, we’re for enforcing the border, oh yeah, we’re for—we’re for keeping the country safe. And oh yeah, we’re not for illegal immigration, we’re for legal immigration’— that’s what they used to say,” Ingraham said on The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast, which was flagged by MediaMatters.That’s what the Obama folks and the Clinton folks used to say, but no longer.”

Ingraham then pivoted to arguing the Democrats are trying to use undocumented immigrants to replace the American electorate. Ingraham said, emphasis mine:

No, you’re for replacing the current American population, or swamping the current American population, with a new population of people who are perhaps more hospitable to socialist ideals.
Perhaps they are more hospitable to big government, perhaps they want more across the board social spending, they want to—they want Spanish to be at least on par with English as a national language. I mean, pick your issue, but that’s what they’re hoping for.
They can’t risk — they can’t risk a situation where a guy like Trump keeps getting elected. I mean, they tried to knock him out with the stupid Russia investigation, and that backfired, but they—they can’t risk that again.
So, they have to have a new electorateand the new electorate, they think will be new immigrants who are justthey’re not in tune, at least in this current— going through this current public schools situation that we have, they’re not in tune with the American founding, or even taught to love the American founding.

Ingraham’s comments stoking Americans’ fears that undocumented immigrants aren’t just coming for their livelihoods—but also their sovereignty and ability to exercise democracy—build on her previously defending white supremacists who’ve been booted from social media sites.

Her podcast episode also came the day after Carlson gamed out a fake scenario with a guest in which Central African migrants “flood” the border.

“The population growth in that part of the world; particularly on the continent of Africa, suggests that this flood could become a torrent, no?” Carlson asked his guest Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge and a fellow at the far-right think tank Center for Immigration Studies.

“Absolutely,” Arthur responded. “Without the support of our southern neighbors, in the absence of support from the United States Congress, we truly would just be overwhelmed with individuals, you know, from poor countries.”

These comments are drastic, even for Fox News, but they’re surely coming through loud and clear for their intended audience.

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