Look, by This Point Everyone Has Failed the Castro Twin Test


A tweet from MSNBC today mistakenly identified Rep. Joaquin Castro as his twin brother, presidential candidate Julián Castro, in a classic mixup of identities that both Castro twins appear to be getting a little bit sick of.

The tweet was promoting an interview with Joaquin on Hallie Jackson’s MSNBC show about the roadmap for impeaching Donald Trump, something both Castro brothers support. But then! A classic mixup!

That’s not Julián! It’s Joaquin! As Joaquin pointed out, he grew a dang beard deliberately so this would stop happening.

The secret here is that you would be hard pressed to find a political reporter who has not done this at least once in the current election cycle. They’re identical twins! Their names start with the same dang letter! They’re both nationally recognizable figures! I feel deeply for the social producer who has now been appropriately dunked on, but that’s the game we play out here. Sometimes you fuck up a simple detail in an otherwise good post because you get the bad brain at the wrong time. It happens.

But from now on, Joaquin is the beardy one. Noted.

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