Looking for love in Mexico City’s grooviest sex motels


The government of Mexico City wants people to get laid in style.

Its insider guide to the capital city has unveiled a prurient list of “love motel” recommendations for couples seeking to spice up their sex life in retro-style rooms decorated with everything from Andy Warhol paraphernalia to kinky Saturday Night Fever-themed dance floors.

The love motels, which rent rooms by the hour and cater to couples seeking a quiet spot for a romantic rendezvous, are relatively inexpensive and located near some of the capital’s trendiest neighborhoods. So it’s a convenient place to escape for a quick tryst after an agreeable dinner at a popular restaurant.

Here’s the insider guide’s best-of list:

V Motel Boutique

  • Come for the sex, stay for the shrimp tacos

Located in Mexico City’s Escandón neighborhood, this motel offers everything from flashy neon lights to a gourmet food menu, including chilaquiles, shrimp tacos and Haagen Daz ice cream.

You can book a room for $60-180 (sex not included) online to be extra discreet. The motel is mostly known for its signature penthouse room where you’ll get the view of the city skyline and a garden rooftop with an open-air jacuzzi.

Gala Suites

  • Surreal sex

Are you into surrealism? Then this Salvador Dalí-inspired motel —complete with melting clocks — will get you in the mood. Room cost $30 for five hours of art appreciation.


  • outta this world love

Located in the bohemian Roma Norte neighborhood, the motel’s mix of good design and outerspace-like patterns screams innovative taste.

Its service includes a full bar with cocktails and martinis. Its most expensive room goes for about $50.

Piramides del Valle

  • some like it wet

The signature suite features a full pool with a catwalk for only $90.

The motel, located in the central del Valle neighborhood, has shower rooms and stripper poles.

Pop Life

  • sticky sweet

Perhaps the most retro of all the love motels, Pop Life features colorful designs in rooms for under $40. It’s candy-inspired atmosphere and bizarre features such as the “love arch” and the “rotating chair” makes it look like a naughty adult version Toys “R” Us.

Lua Hotel & Villas

  • Mexican night fever

Its signature light-up dance floor is 70s in a John Travolta sorta way. Plus, it’s conveniently located near the popular Condesa neighborhood, making it an easy choice if you get lucky after drinks or dinner.

Pasadena Hotel & Villas

  • Say hello to my little friend

This motel located near Condesa invokes a kind of Miami Vice vibe with its purple and pink fluorescent lighting and jacuzzis with fountains. Think porno Scarface.

Santa Fe Hotel & Villas

  • old school classy

Colorful lighting and designs make this motel, located near the office clouded Santa Fe neighborhood, a relatively inexpensive yet elegant choice for those who want to have a quickie before, after or instead of work.

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