Looks Like It's Time for Everyone to Put Nancy Pelosi on the Highest Pedestal Possible

The Discourse

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promises to finally impeach President Donald Trump, her fans are losing their minds. Pelosi, a California Democrat, announced a formal impeachment inquiry on Tuesday against the president.

Loyal Democrats are ready to pretend she’s a Hollywood star, when in reality she’s procrastinated on this important item on her to-do list for a very long time, and there’s no reason to just sit and cross our fingers that she’ll follow through now.

Travis Helwig and Yale Fried of Crooked Media, the very cringey centrist company founded by former Obama staffers, photoshopped an image of Pelosi’s face on the body of extremely cool British actress and playwright Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who won multiple Emmys Sunday night for her Amazon comedy Fleabag.

This is #FAKENEWS!!!

The post really shows the limitations of the liberal mindset, which BuzzFeed described as “just savoring the moment.” It’s good that Pelosi said that the impeachment inquiry will begin, but it’s up to people to hold her accountable. Waller-Bridge has no responsibility to the public—she’s an entertainer. Pelosi, on the other hand, is an elected official whose supposed job is to lead the party that is opposed to Trump.

It’s devastatingly clear that Americans’ best interests here are to get Trump out of the White House. There are lots of reasons to impeach him besides alleged communications between Trump and the President of Ukraine regarding former Vice President and 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s son, including but not limited to the Trump administration’s cruel treatment of asylum seekers.

Now it’s important to make sure that Pelosi follows through on impeachment while also planning the best way to beat Trump in 2020.

Tonight’s Pelosi discourse is extremely not fair because Fleabag is a very good show featuring the sexiest priest you will ever see. It should not have its reputation tarnished in this manner. If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend it if this hasn’t now ruined it for you.

I’m not totally sure about Waller-Bridge’s politics, but she also wrote the show Crashing and helped write part of the show Killing Eve, neither of which show anywhere near as much faith in the government as the Crooked Media guys have. Crashing is more or less about the lack of affordable housing in the U.K., and Killing Eve, a very sexy thriller, does not exactly make the British spy agency look responsible.

Oh well!

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