Marianne Williamson Is the Internet’s God Now


Memes? Pretty good!

Memes about politics? Generally not great but still pretty OK.

Memes about Democratic presidential candidate and trans-Atlantic accent preservationist Marianne Williamson? HOOK THAT SHIT DIRECTLY INTO MY VEINS AND PUMP IT.

I mean did y’all catch her performance at last night’s Democratic Debate? Worthy of an Oscar, IMO.

Remember all the phone calls Williamson said she has made, and will make a president? We stan a problem solver!!

Williamson is just so ETHEREAL, and somewhere in the next millennium, she is going to make a great president. I just know it! We just need to make sure vaccines won’t be necessary in the year 3000!

That part where she told TRUMP she was going to defeat him with LOVE? Big Cool Aunt Energy!

In a legendary weirdo, we stan.

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