The Democrats Deserve This

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The Democrats Deserve This

I feel bad for our country, but this is tremendous content. The impact of this shitshow aside, it is heart-warming to watch a group of people so utterly deserving of everyone’s scorn receive it in such a concentrated manner. There are many partisans out there who may be aghast at this headline, but any honest examination of recent history proves that the oligarchy controlling the Democratic Party absolutely deserves this kind of full-blown humiliation in front of the entire world.

I have been actively involved in politics since the middle of the W. administration, and if you lived in New Hampshire during the spring and summer of 2008, there is a good chance I knocked on your door stumping for the guy the Democrats fucking despised.

It’s easy to memory-hole this now, but Barack Obama was not always the most popular man in the Democratic Party. In fact, during the 2008 Democratic primary he was the most hated man among the elite in a party that by the end of January, had cleared the field for their preferred candidate Hillary Clinton. They resented that Obama ruined Hillary’s coronation so much that her campaign repeatedly invoked the racial divide in their support, as Clinton once even went as far to say “Senator Obama’s support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again.”

Longtime Clinton advisor Mark Penn, Hillary’s top campaign strategist in 2008, advised her to portray Obama as having a “limited” connection “to basic American values and culture.”

Democratic voters decided they wanted to go with the person who opposed the Iraq War instead of the candidate who joined with the party to support it, and the voting base was deeply fractured over this decision for a time. Almost thirty percent of Clinton backers said they would vote for John McCain at one point should she lose. The 2008 primary was so much nastier than 2016, and it was a window into the intransigent party future to come.

As someone who grew up in a Democratic voting family, my first serious foray into politics was a jarring experience. I thought the party was liberal and liked democracy. Instead, I and everyone else who helped carry the party to a victory it has long since proven it could never achieve on its own were met with extreme hostility for having the audacity to oppose The Anointed One. By the time 2016 rolled around, the party helpfully reminded folks of 2008 and what happens when small-d democratic values dare challenge the wishes of our overlords in what is supposedly a free and fair election.

Yet again those of us wanting a better world than what was being proposed by the “good” party were cast aside, slandered as traitorous Trump supporters who helped him win by supporting a candidate running against Hillary in the primary. When young people helped turn Hillary Clinton’s losing coalition into Joe Biden’s winning coalition in 2020 and recoiled in horror at Biden thanking them by supporting Israel’s genocide in Gaza, the party put on a full-court press with its stenographers to push back against its younger left flank with an antisemitic trope and stifle protest in yet another demonstration of the party’s fundamental hostility to democratic values when they do not align with Democratic values.

For a party who claims to be the sole bulwark against fascism, it has long since demonstrated a preference to compromise with fascists over leftists. Elite Democrats fight their left flank harder than they have ever opposed the right, and now I cannot help but die laughing watching them go down with the sinking ship they all conspired to build in yet another attempt to impose their will on the people.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s internal polling was so disastrous that she dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary before a single vote was cast, but the party still saw her fit to sit on the general election ticket. Up until Barack Obama, James Clyburn, and other party bigwigs put their thumbs on the scale, the Democratic primary was largely a stalemate between the Biden, Bernie and neither factions all capturing roughly one-third of the Democratic voter base. After Sanders won Nevada and sent the party elite into a full-blown meltdown with primetime MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews even comparing Bernie’s victory to the Nazi takeover of France, Obama helped force the best “neither” options out of the race, and the party did its best to push those voters into Biden’s hands.

Now Barry has the audacity after the cat is out of the bag to leak that he questions whether Biden is up to the job? How brave. No wonder Biden hates him. Barack Obama is an all-time bag fumbler, and the Obama-Obama-Trump voter is the legacy of his neoliberal extension of the Clinton era and betrayal of his grassroots coalition that won the Democrats freaking Indiana in 2008.

Sorry folks, this is the bed you have all made for yourselves. This party has spent the entire 21st century trying to extend the unpopular Clinton coalition that was built on the back of a whopping 43% of the popular vote, an industrial revolution-style economic boom that would have happened even if a golden retriever was president for eight years, and a reelection campaign where the Republicans ran their own Biden-esque candidate that America knew in their bones was too old to do the job. Elite Democrats are the picture of an idiotic rich kid who was born on to third base and thinks they hit a triple.

These people are so incompetent that for an entire decade they could not produce a viable alternative to an indicted game show host who went bankrupt six times running rigged businesses. This party is fundamentally incapable of learning from history because the oligarchs controlling it and the yes men and women around them have their heads perpetually residing up their own asses.

The Democrats are not actually in favor of democracy. They have spent the last decade trying to squelch the wishes of a younger generation while portraying them as either Russian or Chinese stooges, and now the Democrats are rightfully being branded as gerontocrats completely out of touch with modernity. History will remember this generation of Democrats as world-historic egotistical frauds who largely twiddled their thumbs while the word burned, some of whom were even willing to risk their own legacies in order to stay in power longer than their bodies and body politics wanted them to.

I wish we lived in a world where the Democrats could lose to Donald Trump, but all of us wouldn’t have to pay the price for it. In fact, losing to Trump is probably good for the fundraising wing of the party that clearly has more of a say in its affairs than most of its grassroots do. They get to send hysteric emails about a tyrant that we have to stop, because Lord knows they won’t.

Fuck Hillary Clinton. Fuck Joe Biden. Fuck Barack Obama. Fuck everyone in this good-for-nothing party who helped accelerate the collapse of the American empire in service of their own egos. They are being exposed for the complete and utter frauds they have always been, and that is the only silver lining we can enjoy as they drag us all to hell with them.

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