Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Come Thiiiis Close to Gouging Each Other's Eyes Out


Does Meghan McCain know what socialism is? Does she know what democratic socialism is? To these questions I have no answer but to say, judging by the way her teeth grind while talking about New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whatever she thinks it is, she hates it!

Alas, it was that sexy ideology that kicked off another one of the MANY knock-down, drag-out fights between McCain and The View co-host Joy Behar today.

While discussing Pete Buttigieg’s underdog campaign for president, McCain cited a Wall Street Journal-NBC poll showing that 25 percent of Americans are “comfortable with a socialist becoming president,” which she said she “found fascinating.”

The set exploded from there, as Behar said people will “come around” when they see what socialism is all about. McCain responded that “people are smart,” which Behar countered with “so am I.”

“So am I! So am I! You disagree that I’m smart?” McCain lobbed back.

Things only got more intense as she warned that not listening to her could mean re-electing Donald Trump, which was met with boos from the audience.

As quoted by RawStory:

“I’m not giving praise to this administration,” McCain said. “I’m a Republican, and I’m saying — I’m telling you, that is how we got Trump, and it’s how you’re going to re-elect him.”
She then warned that everyone would be sorry they hadn’t listened to her warnings.
“When he’s re-elected, which at this point, I think he’s going to be,” McCain said.
Behar rolled her eyes, saying, “Oh my god,” and the audience booed.
“I hope you’ll listen to the points that I have given you,” McCain said, and realized she’d lost everyone in the room. “I’m used to the audience booing me, I’m fine.”

The temperature! It’s rising!! Overall, a nice distraction from the whole crew jumping in to defend Joe Biden yesterday. Keep the entertainment value coming, folks.

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