Hey Idiots: College Protesters are Mad at Mass Murder in Gaza, Not at Not Having Sex

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Hey Idiots: College Protesters are Mad at Mass Murder in Gaza, Not at Not Having Sex

It is utterly astounding that this needs to be explained to people like Bill Maher, former CNN anchor Don Lemon and New York University professor Scott Galloway, but we are living through a moment where America’s most mediocre brains are all proudly expressing the limits of their critical thinking skills. They cannot wrap their feeble minds around the vastly complex demand from college protestors that their universities divest from Israel, because Israel is currently committing genocide in Gaza, “with ample evidence” according to one prominent Harvard Law professor those three doofuses generally agree with.

“Don’t kill people” has historically been a very difficult concept for America’s elite chattering class to understand, and it is instructive of the degree to which their job is to speak on behalf of depraved American empire. That universities like Indiana saw fit to allow snipers on the roof of the Student Union and Texas let cops demonstrate an immense show of force to non-violent protests tells you what the root of the response from the American state is about. Anyone incapable of seeing it simply is incapable of understanding the very concept of subtext.

Which brings me back to this completely insane assertion made on this weekend’s Real Time with Bill Maher by NYU professor Scott Galloway that former CNN anchor Don Lemon later told the New York Post he was inclined to agree with. You can watch the video of it at the Post here, but it’s worth putting the full quote in writing just so you can read it in the Principal Skinner “no, it is the children who are wrong” affect.

“I think part of the problem is young people aren’t having enough sex, and so they go on the hunt for fake threats. And the—the most popular threat in history—type into Google ‘antisemitism’ and pick your century, and you’re gonna find it. A Jewish girl on the way to get her manicure is not your mortal enemy. Stop it for God sakes.”

Lest folks think this is an off-the-cuff comment rooted in hyperbole, Galloway repeated this sentiment on CNN, saying that protesting is the “new sex.” Don Lemon hopped in afterwards and called the protests a “fad.” I wonder what they would have to say about me, a Jew who agrees with the protesters and views Benjamin Netanyahu as a far bigger threat to my own wellbeing than Hamas. That level of complexity would probably cause their brains to collapse in on themselves.

A former primetime cable news anchor asserting that caring about massacred women and children in some far away land is a “fad” is perhaps the most succinct example you can find of how it is the job of elite media to speak on behalf of American empire. Downplaying the widespread killing of civilians has been one of the United States’ longstanding policies since at least the Philippine–American War that really kicked off our global age of conquest, stretching all the way to Barack Obama’s indifference to bombing hospitals in Afghanistan and culminating with the back-to-back monstrosities of Trump and Biden where hospitals are considered a normal target in war now.

I’m going to keep spamming this quote from a “senior G7 diplomat” the Financial Times spoke to, because when fools like Bill Maher, Scott Galloway and Don Lemon talk like this, this is how the rest of the world hears them.

“We have definitely lost the battle in the Global South. All the work we have done with the Global South [over Ukraine] has been lost . . . Forget about rules, forget about world order. They won’t ever listen to us again.”

These smug assholes and all the Nate Silvers like them in elite media have completely lost the plot. Women and children are being targeted by the Israeli state and then murdered by American bombs on an industrial scale, and students are saying that is bad and that is why they are protesting.

But because this is the United States of America, any honest discussion of our own responsibilities inevitably devolves into a pointless exercise in elite-driven navel-gazing where they try to hit logic bank-shots off of fifteen different backboards in defiance of the wide-open layup in front of them.

To semi-quote one of their favorite deranged old kooks: it’s the genocide, stupid.

Another classic American political tradition is making a mountain out of one poll, but it is worth highlighting the recent poll from Don Lemon’s old employer pushing back on the notion that this is some passing “fad” exclusive to college students. Per CNN:

And [Biden’s] worst issue approval rating  – for his handling of the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza – yields 28% approval to 71% disapproval, including an 81% disapproval mark among those younger than 35 and majority disapproval among Democrats (53%).

If I were speaking on behalf of “normies” as Democratic partisan Bill Maher said in the Overtime segment where they all proudly joke about how insanely rich they are, I would not dedicate my show to denigrating the demographic that turned Hillary Clinton’s losing coalition into Joe Biden’s winning coalition.

Polls are just a snapshot of a moment in time, and that same poll revealed that young people prioritize a lot of other things too, like the economy. It’s possible that America’s youth could value something else come November, but it seems a lot less likely to happen if the James Carvilles, Don Lemons and Scott Galloways of the world keep calling them mindless sexless lemmings who will do anything to be popular with their woke friends (no projection there on their parts, no sir).

The unhinged and almost surely coordinated response to the protests has been a real mask-off moment, as the true face of American empire is staring all of us right in the eye.

The moral revulsion to the American-backed Israeli genocide of Gaza being demonstrated by America’s youth (and basically every other demographic) is very real, and there are polls like this one from the Harvard Kennedy School indicating that youth turnout will likely be down this year from its peak in 2020. The fact that so many of America’s elites and media darlings are twisting themselves in knots trying to explain the supposed real reason behind the student protests just reveals the hollowness of their own morality. Also they’re idiots.

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