Megyn Kelly Is Now the Number One Talk Show Host in Making Her Guests Hate Her


Megyn Kelly’s big, terrible NBC morning show has been on for just three days, but she’s already succeeded in establishing a fun new brand for herself. Unfortunately for her, that brand consists of Kelly asking such terrible and offensive questions that she makes her celebrity guests react with undisguised loathing.

First, there was Will & Grace’s Debra Messing, who, along with her castmates, was the opening guest for Kelly’s debut show. Kelly, with her now-famous ability to hone in on the worst possible thing to say, asked a fan in the audience if the show had “made him” gay.

Messing—who, lest we forget, is starring on a sitcom which airs on the same network as Kelly—was so offended that she said she regretted even going on the show.

On Wednesday morning, Kelly managed to extract a moment of pure, undiluted hatred from Jane Fonda by asking her about her plastic surgery. Check out the very long pause in which Fonda deliberately lets her contempt for Kelly hang in the air. Now that’s talent.

Jane Fonda surely doesn’t want to go around wishing death on TV people. But Megyn is special. It’s almost like she is not in any way suited for the job she’s doing.

It is genuinely difficult to turn the morning talk show interview—one of the most inane formats around—into a daily drama of sizzling tension. But Kelly is making it happen. So congrats to her on breaking new ground!

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