Mexican people are using the hashtag #MxcontraTrump to take Trump down


GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has made anti-Latino xenophobia one of the pillars of his presidential campaign, taking special care to focus on the idea of keeping Mexican immigrants out of the U.S.

Trump’s pledged to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico if he becomes president and has promised that he’d find a way to make the Mexican government pay for it. Trump’s idea of getting Mexico to foot the bill for the wall? Using military force.

After months of listening to Trump spout his racist nonsense meant to rile up his sizable, easily cajoled base, the people of Mexico have finally had enough and are taking to social media to let the world know.

#MxcontraTrump, a hashtag created by members of Mexico’s Party of the Democratic Revolution is being used across a variety of social media by people looking to explain just how over Trump’s nonsense they are.

“He’s a provocateur, bully, demagogue, ignoramus, madman and a liar,” PDR party chairman Miguel Barbosa said during a press conference. “We mustn’t remain silent. #MxcontraTrump is a campaign against Donald Trump for his actions and statements directed at Mexicans.”

In the days since then posts using the hashtag have sprung up on Twitter and Instagram, ranging in tone from politically serious to outright mocking Trump for being the troll that he is.

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