Nancy Pelosi's Excuses for Avoiding Impeachment Are Getting Wilder by the Day


Another day, another wildly convoluted reason Nancy Pelosi has come up with to avoid talking about impeaching Donald Trump.

After a small revolt by pro-impeachment inquiry House Democrats earlier this week—which was followed by a closed-door, members-only caucus meeting yesterday after which Pelosi told reporters that Trump had engaged in a cover-up—Pelosi reportedly had another meeting with House Democrats this morning, in which she said this:

Come the fuck on.

If Trump wanted to be impeached, he would not be ordering current and former White House staffers to defy congressional subpoenas. He would not invoke executive privilege over and over and over again. He would not stroll out to the White House lawn in front of a lectern that says “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION” and talk about how he’s innocent of any and all crimes.

Furthermore, Trump is already claiming he’s been exonerated, by a Mueller report that very clearly did not exonerate him, and in fact included several examples of Trump ordering White House staff to break the law. Trump has always created and lived in his own reality. He doesn’t need a Senate exoneration to say this shit and run on it in the next election, which Pelosi and her allies are reportedly worried about; it’s already happening, impeachment or no impeachment. And the longer that the Democratic leadership insists Trump has committed crimes worthy of impeachment while stressing that they should do absolutely nothing about it, the stronger his case looks—to the public, at least—that he didn’t actually do anything wrong.

Donald Trump is not a smart man. He is, in fact, a very dumb man with nefarious motives, surrounded mostly by other dumb men with nefarious motives. He is not playing eight moves ahead of the Democrats. He is simply acting on instinct, and his instinct is telling him to fight, because the longer this goes on, the more it’s going to hurt him both politically and personally. Hillary Clinton can attest to this.

Speaking at her weekly press conference later on Thursday, Pelosi got even weirder, apparently resorting to hoping that Trump’s family, that shining beacon of integrity, will intervene on, uh, her behalf:

Surely there’s a universe that exists in which Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric are willing to sit their father and his rapidly deteriorating brain down in an “intervention” for the “good of the country.” Unfortunately for Nancy Pelosi, it sure as hell isn’t this one.

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