'National. Hispanic. Christian. Three great words.' Watch Trump's first pitch to Hispanic voters


Donald Trump released a video for the National Hispanic Christian Leadership conference on Friday night, and it went about as well as you can expect.

“You’re gonna like President Trump,” Trump read off a piece of white paper in what appeared to be a cell phone video.

Among some of Trump’s promises in the video: To “take of minority unemployment, it’s a huge problem”; “create good schools and in some cases, great schools”; “create safe communities”; “massive tax cuts, especially for the middle class.” He also promised that Hispanics were going to “start paying taxes after you’re making a lot of money, and hopefully that is going to be soon.”

Trump promised to “make great trade deals” since “the world is laughing at us.”

“National. Hispanic. Christian. Three great words,” Trump said. “We’re going to take care of you.”

This is reportedly Trump’s first direct message to Hispanic voters (not counting the infamous “taco bowl” tweet). He previously called Mexicans rapists and murderers illegally crossing the border and said he would build a wall along the border. Perhaps he’s realized how important the Latino vote could be come November.

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