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I take no pleasure in reporting to you that Michael Avenatti—an entirely unremarkable figure save for his insatiable thirst for media coverage, and the fact that he lucked into what might be the case of the century—has launched his very own political action committee, while he travels the country trying desperately to make people believe he could be a serious presidential candidate (he extremely isn’t, despite having released an admittedly decent platform).

Telling BuzzFeed that his PAC will support Democratic candidates with “the size and the presence to really fight back and advocate from a position of strength as opposed to weakness,” Avenatti promised that his newly created committee will take no corporate donations, and will begin issuing its first round of endorsements in the next few weeks.

Oh, did I mention he’s calling it “Fight PAC,” which is enough to inspire 2016 DNC flashback fever dreams, only instead of Hillary Clinton glibly waving over Rachel Platten’s nauseatingly overplayed “Fight Song,” it’s Avenatti pumping his fist as a crowd bobs their heads and sings: This is my Fight PAC. Take back my life PAC…

Nightmare. But if the past two years are any indication, maybe it’s one we ultimately deserve.

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