Nobody Panic: Jimmy Carter's Brow (And Body) Is Fine After Another Fall

Big Story

Frequent housebuilding volunteer and noted turkey season misser, former President Jimmy Carter fell in his home in Georgia on Sunday. However, we should all let out our collected held breath because the 39th president is fine.

Carter just “required stitches above his brow,” according to The Carter Center.

Seriously, Carter just turned 95 on Tuesday, and he’s still going to make it to his volunteer commitment with Habitat for Humanity in Nashville Tennessee.

CNN reported that Carter, his wife Rosalynn, and other volunteers will build 21 homes. The couple have done Habitat builds for 36 years. If you didn’t go to church services this week, consider this your weekly shaming for not doing more to help build the kind of world you want to see. If Jimmy can show up to a construction site with stitches, you can finally fill out a volunteer application or make a donation.

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