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The special election to fill the seat in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District is less than a month away, after the GOP’s failed attempt to defraud its way into office resulted in a rerun of the 2018 election.

As Republicans clamor to fill a seat that, before this past November, many believed was an easy win for the GOP, I’d like to draw your attention to this bonkers campaign ad from Republican candidate and Boss Hogg cosplayer Stony Rushing, released Tuesday on Rushing’s Facebook page.

Here, in no particular order, are a few random thoughts that came to mind watching this:

  • Is Rushing planning on….shooting “the swamp”? (Guns, as we’ve seen, are a key prop in North Carolina GOP campaign ads.)
  • Wow, three hundred whole American dollars!
  • There’s probably a better way to frame yourself as being against “the swamp” then spending your entire ad sloshing around in one.
  • Is the snake bad or good? I think bad, right? So why is he giving it a piggyback ride on his shoulders?

Rushing, who previously described the investigation into alleged ballot stuffing during the district’s since-invalidated election as “a political coup by the State Board and the Democrat leaders on that board,” also happens to be the Republican of choice for former GOP candidate Mark Harris.

Rushing is one of at least 10 Republicans vying for the seat.

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