Not Even Game of Thrones Is Safe From Meghan McCain


Things go so continually wrong for Meghan McCain on iconic morning program The View that sometimes you almost pity her. So it was today, when McCain managed to turn a harmless discussion about dragons-and-incest hour Game of Thrones into a stomach-churning festival of awkwardness.

She did so by blithely mentioning a whole bunch of spoilers from the Thrones series finale (for a better take, please turn to Splinter). Co-host Sunny Hostin almost had a breakdown. “Meghan!” she cried. “I’m only on Season 4!” Cue audience “ooooohs.” Hostin seemed deeply, genuinely pained. Whoopi had to take a lap.

A picture really tells the story best here.

Oof. Someday, maybe, things will go right for our poor antihero. Well, probably not, actually.

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