Now Donald Trump Jr. Is Trying to Go After Adam Rippon


Just when you thought the story of Vice President Mike Pence’s humiliating attempts to get glamazon Olympian ice prince Adam Rippon to talk to him had finally died down, the large adult son of our president has shown up attempting to reignite the whole thing with breathtaking cluelessness.

Yesterday, during a press conference in Pyeongchang, Rippon addressed the whole Pence thing, emphasizing that he doesn’t want his “Olympic experience being about Mike Pence.” Via CNN:

“I have no problem about what I’ve said because I stand by it, but I think right now the Olympics are about Olympic competition,” Rippon said.

We could have put this issue to bed right then and there, but apparently Don Jr. wanted to breathe presumably Funyun-scented life back into this whole thing.

Weird of Junior to write that Pence hadn’t mentioned Rippon once! I just happened to stumble across this week-old tweet from Pence directed at Adam Rippon! Isn’t that crazy?

Log off, Don Jr.

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