Oh No, Milo Yiannopoulos Is Out of Money!


Milo Yiannopolous is broke, or so he says. Guess far-right trolling isn’t quite as lucrative as the (now-cancelled) book deals might lead you to believe!

According to Vice, the infamous provocateur/grifter lamented his financial status on alt right-friendly messaging platform Telegram, claiming he’s had a tough time making/grifting money now that he’s been banned from Twitter and Facebook.

“I spent years growing and developing and investing in my fan base, and they just took it away in a flash,” he wrote. “It’s nice to have a little private chat with my gold star homies but I can’t make a career out of a handful of people like that. I can’t put food on the table this way.”

As a refresher, Twitter and Facebook “took” Yiannopolous’s platform “away” after he used the former to direct sexist and racist Twitter attacks against SNL star Leslie Jones, and the latter to promote white nationalism. Though Yiannopolous and other banned trolls sought refuge in sites like Gab and Telegram, their reach is (thankfully) a tad smaller and much less fruitful.

“Everyone is hitting a wall. There’s no future to Telegram for social media refugees if this is the best it gets,” Yiannopolous wrote. Oh no!

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Yiannopolous’s money troubles. Last year, it was revealed he owed $2 million to a bunch of lawyers and billionaires, and tried to set up a Patreon to help pay off his debts before he was kicked off that platform, too.

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