Oprah Not Touching 2020 With a 10-Foot Pole


Remember when y’all wanted Oprah to run for president? What an embarrassing time that was for us all, Oprah included.

Speaking to Tony Dokoupil and her BFF Gayle King on CBS This Morning on Monday, Oprah physically cringed when Dokoupil asked if she regretted not running for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

“Ohhhhhh my god,” Oprah replied, rolling her eyes back into her head, which, same.

Oprah then revealed she was invited to moderate one of the Democratic debates but promptly declined.

“When I’m watching the debates I’m like, so happy I’m not in any of it,” Oprah said.

“I never seriously considered, because it’s the kind of thing you feel in your gut, your soul,” she continued, causing King to imitate loud snoring. “You know if that is the thing you’re supposed to do in your life.”

For someone who wants nothing to do with 2020, Oprah did have some advice for the 2020 hopefuls, saying they give too much gas when they spend time talking about “the other guy,” rather than what they want to do in office. King said Oprah told her that if she were to run, that’s how she’d have conducted her campaign, which, again, she’s not, so let’s not pretend that this hypothetical is a reflection of reality.

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