Pete Buttigieg Ruins Beautiful Animal Moment With Horrible Policy


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg was blessed with one of the luckiest phenomena on the campaign trail earlier this week: a spontaneous, unplanned interaction with a small animal. The moment was charming and genuinely fun to watch—unlike everything before and after it.

During a stump speech on Monday in Elkander, IA, a bee landed on Buttigieg’s tie and refused to leave—right as the candidate was espousing his half-assed plan for “Medicare for all who want it.” Look at this! The bee touches down right as he’s saying “in the name of freedom, I respect Americans’ ability to decide for themselves what is right.”

Buttigieg handled the interaction perfectly, making a couple corny jokes while delicately removing his tie and having an attendant take the bee outside. It’s a pity he doesn’t afford the same care and respect with his healthcare policy!

“Anyway, the point is, everybody oughta be able to choose their own healthcare,” Buttigieg continued, after the bee had been removed from the venue, repeating his justification for a public option, the merits of which you can read about here (there aren’t many merits). In conclusion, Bernie Sanders should bring back his small bird and feed it a bee during the next debate, hopefully before Buttigieg’s campaign has time to print “Mayor Pete: Friend to the Bees” t-shirts.

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