Rude teens lie to perfectly nice University of Texas researchers about marijuana use


According to a new study out of the University of Texas, current teens aren’t using marijuana nearly as much as they did a decade ago. The UT researchers interviewed hundreds of thousands of teens over several years and found that 25% fewer teens say they are smoking weed now than in 2002.

The study leads a reasonable thinker to just one conclusion: Teens today are far more brazen about lying about smoking weed than they were ten years ago.

According to the study, 6% of teens reported smoking weed in 2002, compared to just 4.5% of teens in 2014: That’s a 1.5% rise in the number of teens lying about smoking weed. Meanwhile, in 2002, about 74 percent of teens said they strongly disapproved of marijuana use; that number ballooned to 79 percent in 2014. This represents a truly steep increase in the number of teens pretending to dislike weed when asked about it by adults.

You can read more about the increase in teens lying about their marijuana usage when confronted by authority figures at the University of Texas website. Hopefully the nice researchers have received at least a few apologies from the deceptive teens who were, if it is any consolation, probably super high when surveyed.

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