Rudy Giuliani's Awful Son Has Apparently Lost His Access to the West Wing

White House

Not 10 days ago did I relay to you the story of Andrew Giuliani, the son of Rudy Giuliani, being told off by his dad for having a good old snog with his wife at the theater. And now, the very next week, Axios reports that the big boy has lost his access to the West Wing.

What fascinating timing.

Giuliani makes $77,000 per year, according to disclosures released by the White House last July, in his role in the Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs. What’s that? The office of public liaison? And he loses his West Wing access only a week after his very “public” “liaison” with his wife, with whom he necked heartily at Camelot to the point of chastisement by his own father? A curious coincidence indeed.

According to Axios, Trump himself “ordered junior White House staffer Andrew Giuliani’s promotion after dining at Mar-a-Lago with Rudy Giuliani” months ago, and told his body man Jordan Karem to ensure his chief of staff John Kelly went through with it. Axios quotes a “source close to Trump and the Giulianis” who said Trump is “genuinely fond” of Andrew, with whom Trump “has played many rounds” of golf. (Andrew, you’ll remember, sued his university for kicking him off the golf team).

Alas, the Giuliani boy’s access to the West Wing could not be saved by his golfing prowess, and he has been thwarted by the deep state. From Axios:

Kelly and others, including Office of Public Liaison director Justin Clark, won’t promote Andrew because they think he “subverts the chain of command” and claim he had other issues in the workplace that they weren’t happy about, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

Other issues in the workplace, you say? Is it possible that those issues included “making out with his beloved wife in the office, just like he did in the theater, in public, until his dad made him stop?” It certainly is possible. Possible, indeed. (If you work in the Office of Public Liaison and you’ve seen unauthorized snogging by young Andrew, email me.)

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