Ryan Zinke: Is THIS Your Massively Expensive Door?


On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke spent a staggering $139,000 on a door (or, rather, on “upgrading” three sets of double doors in his office).

Ohhh, folks!

That’s right, it’s time for another edition of… *crowd chants in unison with me* Is! This! Your! Dooooor!

Let’s get right into it. Secretary Zinke: is this your door?

No? Hm. Alright. Well then, is this your door?

No again? Hmm. Let’s see… is THIS your door??

Ryan, my man, ya gotta tell me: is this your door?

Be honest: Is this your door?

Come on, cut the crap. Is this your door?

Is this your door (technically a wardrobe)?

Is this your door?

Is this your door?

Are either of these your door(s)?

Zinke, baby, come clean: is this your door?


‘zis yer door, you little door freaK?!

Sir, sir!! Is THIS your door?

Sir, I beg of you, please tell me: is THIS your door?!!!

Alright, one last try. Please, tell me true. Is this your door?

This has been another episode of Is This Your Door. Please submit your own doors for consideration in next week’s episode.

Have a great night everybody!!

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