Sarah Huckabee Sanders Blames Democrats for Trump's Insane Scheme to End Birthright Citizenship

White House

What’s less shocking: That Fox News is totally in the bag for President Donald Trump’s insane plot to shred a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution less than 48 hours after it was gleefully trumpeted by bootlicker par excellence Jonathan Swan? Or is it that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is already blaming Democrats for Trump’s latest bout of nonsense word vomit?

On Wednesday morning, Fox & Friends’ panel of generic sofa-sitters greased the wheels of the president’s unconstitutional proposal to end birthright citizenship for anyone born inside the United States to undocumented parents, with host Brian Kilmeade claiming that “some people” are taking Trump’s almost-certainly unconstitutional plot as a “xenophobic, racist quest to change America. Gee, wonder why.

Was Kilmeade was talking about the editorial board of the notoriously left-wing Wall Street Journal? Or perhaps noted liberal Republican Speaker Paul Ryan? Or any number of other lawmakers from the president’s own party who aren’t so sure trying to overwrite the constitution with an executive order is such a great idea?

In any case, Kilmeade baby-soft preamble offered Huckabee Sanders the perfect opportunity to—what else?—blame both the media and Democrats (“which sometimes can be one and the same”) for the president’s garbage idea.

“This is the party of no, this is the party of obstruction. They have no ideas, they have no policies,” Sanders said, warming herself up for the following torrent of predictably lukewarm mudslinging:

The reason we’re in this position in the first place is because Democrats have failed to come to the table. They have failed to work with this president and pass legislation that helps protect our country. That helps protect the citizens of America. Because they do not want to secure our borders. They do not want to have a law and order country. The reason that we’re in this predicament is because Democrats in congress have failed to do their job. And the president’s gonna look at any way possible that he can find, legally and constitutionally, to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can.

Ah yes, it’s the Democrats who have twisted the president’s arm to the point where he feels the need to take a bootleg-Calvin piss on the 14th Amendment because he wants to secure our borders from, uh, babies. (It’s probably not even worth pointing out that the Democrats don’t actually have any power to stop Trump’s immigration plans since, you know, the GOP has control over the entire federal government.)

Predictably awful, or awfully predictable? Probably both.

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