Scott Pruitt EVISCERATED by Sick Senatorial Burn!!!

Trump Administration

Whoa, did you all just feel that cold breeze? That had to be the blowback from the ICE COLD BURN—which I guess would technically be hot but please just bear with me here—Senator Patrick Leahy just landed on embattled goblin Scott Pruitt.

During a Wednesday Senate hearing on the EPA’s budget, Leahy took Pruitt to task over his love of flying first class, which he’s defended as a security measure, reportedly saying: “What a silly reason…Nobody even knows who you are.”

FUCK! No one knows who you are! Laughing out LOUD; laughing my ASS OFF. Did anyone else think of the film Mean Girls and the famous line, “She doesn’t even go here?” Like, is it me or should Scott Pruitt stop trying to make living in lobbyist condos happen? Hold up while I order 200 T-shirts with that shit on them so I can sell them to other extremely plugged-in 20-somethings on my website,

Leahy went on to add: “Oh, come on” and say Pruitt’s lavish spending has made his EPA “a laughingstock.”

Holy SHIT he did NOT just say that! I absolutely cannot handle it when geriatric senators spit that hot truth fire for everyone to see, live right there on CSPAN! This is definitely Politics as hell, baby!!! Wooooeeee!

Anyway, congratulations to Known Person Senator Patrick Leahy for his epoch-making burn.

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