Sean Hannity Utterly Scandalized by People Lighting Their Pot and Bongs on New Year's Eve


Last night, the president of the United States instructed his followers to watch Sean Hannity’s television program.

In case you didn’t follow the president’s instructions, here’s a sample of Hannity’s program last night:

Hannity is referring to CNN’s New Years Eve programming, which saw hosts/BFFs Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen working the crowd in Times Square ahead of the ball drop.

Contrary to Hannity’s assertion, CNN did not, in fact, “help people that love pot light their pot and their bongs on New Year’s Eve.” They were simply present to broadcast a man in Times Square hitting a bong and then proceeding to blow the smoke into the camera.

Sohum Shah, the Times Square bong-hitter in question, is a cannabis connoisseur and entrepreneur who lives in Colorado. He posted about his moment of cable news micro-celebrity on his Instagram:

So whether you’re sparking up a fatty, hitting the dab rig or blowing major doomsdays in the new year, do NOT tell Sean Hannity about it, OK???

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