Sean Spicer: It's True, I Am a Huge Liar


After two days away, Sean Spicer was back in the White House briefing room on Friday, desperately hoping his performance would allow him to keep his job.

So, how’d he do? Well, he basically admitted that no one should really take anything he says seriously, so…5 out of 10 maybe?

Responding to a question from NBC’s Kristen Welker about President Trump’s statement that “it is not possible” for his press office to speak with “perfect accuracy,” Spicer—a man whose entire career is predicated on speaking for the administration—insisted that the president is just too damn busy for him to keep up:

With respect to the president, as I mentioned, he’s an activist president. He keeps an unbelievably busy and robust schedule. And there are times when we give you the information that we have at the time and we seek to get an update. And I believe that you and others will attest to, when we don’t have an answer, we try really hard to either update you after the fact or to get you the facts that we didn’t have at the time. But we work really hard, every day, to do that.
I think the president’s point, that I pointed out earlier, is that there are times when we’re asked a question, we do our best to give you the answer, and every word is picked apart to try to figure out how to make an issue out of it, as opposed to allowing us to, y’know, talk to the president, get his current thinking and updates if we hadn’t had an opportunity to do that at this time.

Translation: the president lies all of the time and sometimes it is hard for Sean to catch up to those lies so maybe just give him a break and let him lie to you!

Sean, you’re doing your best, buddy.

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