Stephen Miller Says We Can Expect a Lot More MS-13 Fear-Mongering Before the Midterms


We can expect a whole lot more talk about the “animal” members of MS-13 from President Trump and other Republicans hitting the trail this summer ahead of the midterms, according to White House adviser Stephen Miller.

In a lengthy interview with Breitbart published Thursday, Miller said, spinning wildly, “The big fight this summer is going to be with the open borders Democratic caucus in Congress.”

“That is the fundamental political contrast and political debate that is unfolding right now,” Miller—the architect of some of Trump’s most anti-immigrant policies, such as the Muslim travel ban—added. “The Democratic party is at grave risk of completely marginalizing itself from the American voters by continuing to lean into its absolutist anti-enforcement positions.”

Setting aside the ridiculous suggestion that Democrats favor “anti-enforcement” of immigration laws, Stephen went on to cite the recent fervor around Trump calling gang members “animals,” remarks he returned to with even more strength yesterday. Miller accused Democrats and the media of “leaping” to the defense of MS-13, which he said is “engaged in the most vile, dehumanizing, and egregious actions.”

For a Republican Party indulging its absolute worst actors under this administration, pumping up fear around MS-13 members’ violent crimes is a logical strategy. It is true that Democrats and the media fell into the trap of trying in earnest to parse Trump’s “animals” remark—Nancy Pelosi responded that “we respect the dignity and worth of every person”—making the bad faith attack line that they were defending gang members all too easy. Republicans are already using the tattooed faces of MS-13 to menace middle America, so it makes sense that we can look forward to even more racist fear-mongering.

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