Steve King Bravely Drinks From a Toilet


Iowa Rep. Steve King, who you might remember from hits such as doing a big ol’ shrug about rape and incest and then having a major freakout about it or being your normal Midwestern democratically elected fascist, has now sipped from a toilet to try to discredit asylum seekers detained by President Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

In July, women detained by Border Patrol told members of Congress that guards had told them to drink water from toilets. King, a Republican, apparently decided it would be great to try to prove them wrong two months later.

“It’s not drinking out of the toilet, it’s drinking out of the water fountain that’s integral with the back of the toilet,” King said Wednesday at a town hall.

“But I think there was a little language barrier there and so that’s how come we got that misinformation,” he said.

As someone who understands just enough Spanish to know that agua and baño don’t sound anything alike, I’m willing to confidently say that the only misinformation here is from King himself.

Here he is on video taking a nice, refreshing gulp of pure H2O.

King told people at a town hall that the water was “actually pretty good.”

You can tell he definitely is having a very fun time because he has the same look on his face I had when I did my first and last beer funnel during freshman year of college. Like waterboarding, I fully believe that having to drink from a toilet is miserable enough to not need to experience it myself first.

But even if you think sure, maybe the water fountain toilet tastes great, King is missing the entire point.

When New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called attention to the issue in July, she said that the sink part was not functioning. And then they were told to drink from the toilet. Not that drinking out of the water fountain part isn’t also disgusting!

The stunt doesn’t come close to disproving what the detained women said, and it isn’t even original either. Then again, maybe more politicians should try it. Who’s next?

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