The DeSean Jackson Release Explained with 'Silver Linings Playbook' GIFs


Update: Welp. It’s official. DeSean Jackson has been released.

Looks like he’s found that silver lining after all:

Whether the move will eventually clip the Eagles in the wing is to be determined.


There has been much speculation over whether DeSean Jackson, the mercurial wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, is fighting with head coach Chip Kelly, and ultimately, whether he’ll still be with the team once the season begins.

The complicated saga has taken on a life of its own, and can surprisingly be explained with GIFs from Silver Linings Playbook, the Oscar-winning film that not only tells a charming love story but also does a fantastic job at capturing the irrational craze behind Philadelphia Eagles fandom.

The story began innocently enough with Jackson reportedly asking for a new contract less than two days after the Eagles lost to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Wild Card round of last year’s playoffs.

He has a point; it IS hard making over $9 million every year until 2016.

And how did Chip Kelly (and Eagles fans everywhere) allegedly respond?

With this year’s draft class containing an inordinately high amount of quality wide receivers, all of whom would be comparatively cheaper, it’s obvious what Coach Kelly and the Eagles higher ups are thinking.

It also doesn’t help to know that $250,000 in cash and jewelry, as well as a handgun, were stolen from Jackson’s home while he was on vacation. Because who wouldn’t want to give more money to someone who casually has those items lying around his house.

Were we a fly on the wall, we’re sure we would’ve seen Coach Kelly react like this.

“Don’t piss me off DeSean! We’ll trade your ass to the Jets.” Why? Because…

Clearly, Coach Kelly struck a nerve. Prompting Jackson to respond:

Hence Jackson’s late night (early morning) tweet:

Good to Talk to BIg Chip today !! Say or hear what ya want !! The Picture speaks for itself !! Winner…— Desean Jackson (@DeseanJackson10) March 25, 2014

But keep your head up, DeSean! Even if you really do get traded (or released):

Eagles fans feel the same way!
And, if for whatever reason you get traded, take solace—or find a silver lining, if you will—in the fact that you still got friends, DeSean!

This ordeal has by no means come to a conclusion, but when it does, let’s hope that it’s this…

As long as the Washington Redskins go 3-13 again next season, we’re sure it will.

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