The Pamela Anderson-Meghan McCain Smackdown I Didn't Know How Much I Needed


Today on the surreal public affairs program The View, Pamela Anderson, most recently an outspoken supporter of Julian Assange and a woman whose politics are actually quite good, was in the hot seat. She masterfully proceeded to fend off numerous broadsides from John McCain’s daughter, made excellent points, and generally gave us very entertaining television by breaking every hosts’ brain.

After what started off as a pleasant conversation, Meghan McCain came barreling in to ask Anderson about Assange allegedly trashing the Ecuadorian embassy during his years-long stay. Anderson fact-checked her in rapid fashion, and fired off this (true) zinger when McCain claimed Wikileaks’ disclosures threatened “national security.”

“You know who put our national security at risk? The military. How many people have the American government killed innocently and how many has Wikileaks?” she said, to applause from the audience. “The military has put many innocent lives at risk.” McCain had only sputters and telling someone in the crowd to pipe down in response.

A bit later, McCain chimed in again to ask—madam, have you no humanity for the “spies” tasked with “fighting terrorism” around the world?

“I think people like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning are heroes,” Anderson replied. What a breath of fresh air!!

Meanwhile, McCain could insist that Assange is a “cyberterrorist” and any discussion to the contrary is “ridiculous.” Pretty obvious who won the day here!

You can watch Anderson’s full appearance here:

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