The Same Publisher That Tried to Publish O.J. Simpson Gave Mark Halperin Another Book Deal


The same publisher who attempted to published O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It has a new client: Mark Halperin. Halperin’s book is called “How to Beat Trump: America’s Top Political Strategists on What It Will Take” and is set to be released in November, according to Politico.

The book will be published by Regan Arts, run by Judith Regan. Readers of a certain age will remember Regan’s attempt to publish Simpson’s ghost-written memoir (I guess?) in 2006. The entire situation proved to be a mess.

According to Politico, Regan will issue this statement tomorrow, alongside the rollout of Halperin’s book deal: “I do not in any way, shape, or form condone any harm done by one human being to another. I have also lived long enough to believe in the power of forgiveness, second chances, and offering a human being a path to redemption. HOW TO BEAT TRUMP is an important, thoughtful book, and I hope everyone has a chance to read it.”

The “power of forgiveness” is an interesting turn of phrase since Halperin hasn’t apologized directly to the women who came forward to talk about how he repeatedly sexually harassed them in the work place.

Eleanor McManus, cofounder of Trident DMG, told The Daily Beast on Sunday that Halperin has failed to demonstrate “genuine contrition” for his actions. “He leveraged his position as a prominent journalist to prey on women. He has yet to take responsibility for his actions by apologizing to his victims or demonstrating genuine contrition. Giving him a book once again puts him in a position of authority and that is a slap in the face to all the women that he has victimized,” McManus said in a statement to The Daily Beast.

Beyond the fact that he hasn’t owned up to and tried to directly atone for his actions, this book sounds so boring! Apparently Halperin’s book contains interviews with “more than 75 top Democratic strategists” like David Axelrod, James Carville, Kathleen Sebelius, Jim Margolis, Donna Brazile, and so many more!

It’s unclear if Halperin has massaged these interviews for this “important” and “thoughtful book” into a narrative, or if it’s just a series of transcripts. No word on if his unceremonious entry into Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories will influence the book’s sales.

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