The Stocks…Whoa…


“Oh no, my stocks!” said the entirety of business/investment Twitter on Monday afternoon as the Dow Jones dropped precipitously. (The final plunge: 1,179 points.) Meanwhile, everyone under the age of 35 continued working away and digging their own graves, perhaps after lifting their heads to vaguely mutter “stocks??” before returning to work.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how bad this is and wouldn’t want to try, but let’s try to get our bearings from Twitter, shall we? What did the peerless minds we turn to when we want to make sense of these moments have to say? Basically, nothing useful at all.

Boy, this graph seems scary…

This one too!!

Wow good point.

Luckily, all of my copious savings are tied up in CRYPTO, at the moment. Time to take a big sip of coffee on check in on – OH GOD NOT BITCOIN TOO:

Or maybe our (my) fake currency is fine?

It was a day for expertise from everyone, even people with nothing to say.

Great contributions! Oddly enough, all this started happening right around the time President Trump started speaking in Ohio:

The REAL takeaway here:

and also:

and also:

But also….none of this actually matters to you, a normal person?

As a wise man once said: capital is as capital does. In other words: oh well!

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