They’re Not Even Going to Try Huh


The sole acceptable reason for Democrats not to try and impeach Trump is that Republicans in the Senate will never be persuaded to vote in favor, and it is thus doomed. This reason is vastly outweighed by other good reasons, such as that there is a lot of evidence he has done crimes, even beyond the quite clear evidence of obstruction in the Mueller report, and that there are many important things that you should try whether or not you think you have a good chance of succeeding. (Haven’t these guys ever watched a Hollywood movie?)

If we had a functioning political system, “a party that is fully dedicated to protecting its leader and also insulated from the public’s actual views by gerrymandering and voter suppression” would not be the roadblock that it is now, and Democrats would be able to pursue what is objectively and legally the correct thing to do.

But we live in the Bad World, so everything is different. And because Democrats are tired, I guess, of just saying “Republicans won’t let us,” they’ve come up with a new excuse:

Boy, there are there so many things wrong with this.

First of all: This is really putting a lot of faith in the Democrat winning in 2020! He really wants to say that if Trump gets reelected, he wasn’t therefore guilty of impeachable offenses? Second: 18 months is a very long time. If 18 months is not too long to wait, what about 24? What about 36? When does it become close enough to an election not to bother with accountability?

An election is not a remedy for an impeachable offense; it’s a thing that happens anyway. If the president has done something impeachable, saying “it’s chill, he’ll be gone in a year and a half” doesn’t change that you have a president who is unfit for office.

Bad democracy. Very bad.

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