This former judge was indicted for allegedly trading lenient sentences for dick pics and nudes


Is there such a thing as a dick pic worth up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines?

This is but one of the many questions that Joseph Boeckmann, a former Arkansas district judge, is undoubtedly asking himself as he faces multiple charges of misconduct, fraud, and bribery for allegedly handing out lenient sentences in exchange for illicit photos of defendants involved in traffic-related and other minor criminal cases.

On Monday, a grand jury agreed that Boeckmann had abused his power and privilege as a judge in order to “obtain personal services, sexual contact, and the opportunity to view and to photograph” various men, eventually amassing a collection of more than different 4,600 photos. In addition to his professional impropriety, the grand jury also called Boeckmann out for essentially robbing Arkansas of thousands of dollars in fines and fees that the defendants would have had to pay if he hadn’t made scuzzy deals with them.

“When each individual’s case was called, Boeckmann would instruct that individual to wait until the court session ended so [that he] could speak with that individual alone,” Boeckmann’s indictment contends. “When the court session ended, Boeckmann would call that individual up to the bench and explain to that individual that Boeckmann would dismiss that individual’s case if that individual would perform ‘community service.’ In most instances, Boeckmann would then provide the individual with his personal telephone number and tell the individual to call that number to arrange the community service.”

The indictment alleged that Boeckmann would often tell the defendants to pick up aluminum cans and other litter on their own and then bring it to his residence alone. In a number of instances, though, Boeckmann offered the men an opportunity to get out of their community service obligations by letting him photograph them in various states of undress and/or spanking them as a form of sexualized punishment.

“These ‘community service’ activities were arranged by Boeckmann personally and were not conducted under the auspices of the Arkansas court clerks or any non-profit or charitable organization,” the indictment is careful to point out. “Once Boeckmann finished photographing or paddling the individual, or once the individual completed his labor at Boeckmann’s personal residence, he would declare the “community service” complete and dismiss the individual’s case.”

While Boeckmann pled not guilty earlier this week, a number of different men, including some who were underage at the time of the alleged misconduct, insisted that he offered them the chance to get out of their proper community service sentences and fines in exchange for sexual favors.

Boeckmann is current awaiting a detention hearing scheduled to take place tomorrow.

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