This Is a Blog Making Fun of The New York Times Opinion Star Wars Video


Who asked for The New York Times opinion page to explain Trump’s transgressions and response to impeachment by making a the spoof of the Star Wars crawl??? It’s bad and makes me upset that efforts were put into making this happen.

But, I’m going to momentarily take this seriously and tell you some things about the video that genuinely upset me, a Star Wars person.

  1. Why is this episode called 45? It is a very obvious joke. They’re creating an entire scroll joke and this is how they open? Tired.
  2. I hate that the Trump company logo is used in this.
  3. The shade of gold used has this weird effect to make it look shiny and it just reminds me of the Trump Tower sign.
  4. It reminded of sleazy of a candidate Roy Moore was/is.

I don’t know who asked for this. This is an affront to Star Wars and everything George Lucas sold to Disney. Please let me remember Carrie Fisher in peace and hope Poe Dameron kisses his hot boyfriend at Christmas.

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