Trump Can't Stop Won't Stop Speculating About Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein

White House

President Donald Trump half-heartedly walked back his tacit endorsement of the baseless conspiracy theory that Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in accused child rapist Jeffrey Epstein’s jailhouse death before fanning the flames on the conspiracy theory once more.

He told reporters on Tuesday that “that was a retweet, that wasn’t from me” as if somehow blasting out unfounded crackpottery to his 63 million Twitter followers is just fine, so long as it’s not his greasy fingers mashing the keyboard.

Trump went on to argue that Terrence Williams—who wrote the original tweet insinuating Epstein’s death was a Clinton-orchestrated hit—is “a very highly respected conservative pundit” and “a big Trump fan.” (Williams’ Twitter bio simply lists him as an “Actor•Comedian•Commentator.”) Trump also said his retweet was “fine” and then immediately launched into an attack on Bill Clinton, whose ties to Epstein have long been the source of fevered speculation.

Asked if he really believes the Clintons are involved in Epstein’s death, Trump said “I have no idea” before going on to say: “The question you have to ask is: ‘Did Bill Clinton go to [Epstein’s private] island?’”

“I was never there,” Trump continued, adding “if you find that out, you’re going to know a lot.”

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