Weird!! Daily Caller Editor Used Fake Name to Write for Richard Spencer's White Nationalist Site


Shocking news: Scott Greer, a former writer and editor at the Daily Caller, turns out to be a secret racist. Who could have imagined! As the Atlantic reported today, Greer wrote for Radix Journal, a site founded by Richard Spencer, while at the same time working for the Daily Caller.

Writing under the name Michael McGregor, Greer was free to let his racist views fly free, according to the site:

In a post on protests in Baltimore after Freddie Gray died of a spinal-cord injury while in police custody in 2015, Greer wrote: “Cops are now the preferred scapegoats for the sole reason that they are the symbols of a justice system Blacks hate, a justice system Blacks want undermined for their benefit. However, this justice system has to be harsh on Blacks in order to preserve stability and a measure of safety in a multiracial state. The current campaign against tough policing, if successful, would effectively turn any city with a large percentage of Blacks into a third world hellhole.”

The Atlantic also surfaced a post in which Greer complained that white players were discriminated against in the NFL, writing: “Running backs, wide receivers, and most defensive roles are seemingly reserved for Blacks only. If you’re a White guy at any of those positions, the odds are stacked against you for getting noticed by the big college programs. No matter how talented you are, you aren’t Black.” Absolutely no insecurity on display there.

In that same post, he described himself as part of the “Identitarians,” a white supremacist ideology that originated in Europe. Here’s how it was defined in an un-bylined post on Radix from 2014:

Whites have become the willing slaves of the system–and we must the break chains that bind us.
We must become Identitarians.
The primary purpose of Identitarianism must be the preservation of our identity–the cultural and genetic heritage that makes us who we are.
Instead of wanting to restore America to some imagined version of itself, we should seek to create the Ethnostate. The Ethnostate, unlike America, would not be based on the trinity of values that leads white people to commit self-genocide. It would be a state that is explicitly for whites and by whites. It would carry on our tradition and foster our culture in the New World.

Another post by “Michael McGregor,” available via Google cache, warned that “White America is under assault by non-Whites hordes.” Yet another post written by Greer-as-McGregor decried gender equality and, again, somehow made that about race:

Gender equality is another fantasy dreamt up by our liberal elites. It won’t promise a better life for women or men. It will make women more determined to pursue ambitions that will make them miserable, turn men into eunuchs, and allow for the continuing growth of non-White hordes in formerly White countries.

Since the Atlantic story was published, Greer has entered the Not Mad, Actually Laughing zone on Twitter, retweeting his critics and posting his statement to the magazine in full:

As the Atlantic noted, the Daily Caller has a history of publishing white nationalists: Last year, the site published an article about a rally to defend Confederate monuments by Jason Kessler, who went on to organize the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville (and this year’s much more pathetic version in DC). The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented other instances of the site publishing avowed racists like Peter Brimelow, founder of VDARE, the virulently anti-immigration organization, whom the Daily Caller itself said in 2016 has been “accused of being” a white nationalist.

In a statement to the Atlantic, Daily Caller Publisher Neil Patel said of Greer: “We won’t publish him, anyone in these circles, or anyone who thinks like them. People who associate with these losers have no business writing for our company.”

The Daily Caller is a leader in publishing pieces that are clearly intended to gin up racists while carefully—although usually not explicitly—saying racist things, a hustle that co-founder Tucker Carlson has since taken to Fox News. If a site keeps just happening to employ or publish people that turn out to be massive racists, you do have to wonder what’s attracting them there in the first place.

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