What the Frick(e) Is This?


In a world of intensely bland white men running for office, one more brave challenger has stepped up: Tomi Lahren’s fiancé Brandon Fricke, who announced today he’s running as an “independent” against Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu in California’s 33rd District.

Who? You may be asking. Well. Let him tell you: He’s an independent who wants to change some stuff. Ted Lieu? Tweets too much. Can’t argue with that!

The rest of Fricke’s campaign platform appears to be basically that homeless people are scary and shouldn’t live in Beverly Hills.

After some Googling, it has become clear to me that this Brandon Fricke who is engaged to Tomi Lahren and running for Congress is NOT this Brandon Fricke who plays professional soccer for Lansing Ignite in the USL League One, even though they look somewhat similar in this video of the latter juggling a soccer ball in 2012. Confusing, I know. No, the Brandon Fricke who is running for Congress is a contract advisor for NFL players, per LinkedIn. His Instagram page also includes a link to notmypresidentcalendar.com, which appears to be mostly pro-Trump merch. Nice! A worthy match for the queen of conservative grifting. Frick(e) yeah!

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