You Absolutely May Not Look at This Nickelback Photograph by the Trump Campaign


Who would have guessed that Nickelback would save the day.

Less than a day after President Donald Trump tweeted a very dumb Nickelback meme using the band’s music video for their 2005 hit “Photograph,” the video is no longer playable on the president’s Twitter account. Now, when viewers try to play the video, a message states it’s been “removed in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

The video starts out with Fox News footage of Joe Biden being asked if he’d ever spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings. Biden responds that he’s “never” spoken with Hunter about the issue before the video cuts to the Nickeback meme.

“Look at this photograph,” Chad Kroeger sings, holding up a framed picture, edited in this version to show a photo of Biden, Hunter, and a man identified as “Ukrainian gas exec” on a 2014 golf outing. (Outlets would later identify him as Devon Archer, who served on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings, where Hunter was his colleague.)

I assumed Nickelback or EMI Records, the company that put out All the Right Reasons, reported the video for copyright infringement. (We’ve reached out to Nickelback’s representation at United Talent Agency, and will update this post if they return our request for comment.) But according to CNN, Warner Music Inc. made the complaint, citing Lumen Database, a project that tracks copyright complaints.

Naturally, this hasn’t stopped MAGA chuds from re-uploading the video themselves. Large adult son Donald Trump Jr. shared one of the new uploads this morning, asking why Twitter doesn’t want people looking at the photograph. Ha ha…… ha………

Another person who re-uploaded the video argued on Twitter that the Trump campaign’s use of the Nickelback video is parody and therefore fair use—a concept the president’s had trouble with quite recently. But at least for now, Twitter doesn’t seem to agree. Foiled again!

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