You won't regret doing a YouTube search for 'hoverdancing'


Watch out, OK Go. A ‘hoverboard’ dance video set to Justin Bieber’s new song “What do you mean?” features choreography that rivals that of the famed indie band. In the epic video, five agile performers on electric scooters usher in our new favorite dance genre, something we’re calling ‘hoverdancing.’

Choreographed and shot by David Moore, who looks to have been on a scooter while shooting, the video features impressively long takes and is surely going to roll its way into the viral yearbook. But Moore isn’t the first to create a hoverboard ballet. We went on a YouTube safari and found a few other incredible videos of people incorporating their new scooters into their dance routines.

The hosts of the popular Filipino television show It’s Showtime, took to their boards for an impressive performance that features far more stripper rolls than you’ll see in the Bieber dance cover. And don’t miss the drone cameo at the end!

You’ll find kids doing it. I dare you not to bob your head along to this Bollywood scooter number from my new favorite bhangra star:

And couples are doing it too. Check out this sultry compas hoverdance:

(And the 1:22 mark on that may be the first documented case of phubbing while hoverdancing.)

These guys prove that you don’t need fancy choreography to join in the latest dance trend. Their casual bounce almost reminds me of roller disco. Extra points for keeping that drink in one hand the entire time:

The award for most random hoverdance video has to go to these three women. Their routine at a wedding reception is as mysterious as it is magnificent.

Now truth be told it looks like they could be riding first-generation Segways under those skirts, but let the record show that Armenians are true hoverdancing pioneers.

Cara Rose DeFabio is a pop addicted, emoji fluent, transmedia artist, focusing on live events as an experience designer for Real Future.

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