A Holocaust Denier Will Likely Win the GOP Nomination in Illinois Congress Race


A vocal and ardent Holocaust denier will almost certainly receive the GOP nomination for Congress in Illinois’ 3rd District, the Chicago Sun-Times reminded us Sunday, because no other Republican in our vibrant democracy decided to challenge him for the seat, which includes parts of western Chicago.

Seventy-year-old Arthur Jones has run for the seat seven times over two decades, and argues that his flagrant racism, anti-Semitism, and white supremacy is okay because he’s not running to become “the chancellor of Germany.”

From the Sun-Times:

“Well first of all, I’m running for Congress not the chancellor of Germany. All right. To me the Holocaust is what I said it is: It’s an international extortion racket,” Jones told the Chicago Sun-Times.
Indeed, Jones’ website for his latest congressional run includes a section titled “The ‘Holocaust Racket’” where he calls the genocide carried out by the German Nazi regime and collaborators in other nations “the biggest blackest lie in history.” […]
Tim Schneider, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, said in a statement to the Sun-Times, “The Illinois Republican Party and our country have no place for Nazis like Arthur Jones. We strongly oppose his racist views and his candidacy for any public office, including the 3rd Congressional District.”

Of the nine navigation tabs featured at the top of his website, tucked right between “Contact” and “Hate Speech,” one says “Holocaust?” Here’s a very, very small sampling of what’s written in that tab:

  • “Other than a few PROFESSIONAL CONCENTRATION CAMP SURVIVORS […] there is no proof such a so-called ‘HOLOCAUST’ ever took place anywhere in Europe, against the Jews.”
  • Non-fiction Holocaust literature is “emotional propaganda, whose purpose is designed to BLEED, BLACKMAIL, EXTORT AND TERRORIZE the enemies of ORGANIZED WORLD JEWRY into silence or submissiveness to ZIONISM and Communism.”
  • “Jewish International Communism and Jewish International Zionism are directly responsible for the murder of at least 300 million people and these blood-thirsty criminal vampires may yet ignite a THIRD WORLD WAR if we don’t stop them.”

The primary election is about a month and a half away. Should Jones receive the nomination, he would run against either Marie Newman or Daniel Lipinski (both Democrats) for the seat in November.

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