President Donald Trump is spending his Monday evening in Johnson City, TN, where he’s scheduled to address an auditorium of supporters at one of his Make America Great rallies.

Also, there is a bat.

During his speech, Trump will likely spend several hours saying horrible, racist, sexist garbage. He’ll probably lie. He’ll probably shout a lot, and nod knowingly while the crowd chants “lock her up” even though it’s 2018. Also, there will be this bat.

Is the bat us, frantically stuck trying to escape while red-hatted chuds close in, licking their chops as the country descends into lawless cruelty? Is the bat Trump, a small, scared creature reduced to its most basic, animal instincts as it flounders under the enormous pressures of a world it can neither escape from nor fully comprehend?

Things are pretty bad right now, but at least there is this bat.

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