Bernie Sanders has the map covered when it comes to Super Tuesday events


Bernie Sanders may trail Hillary Clinton in delegate math, but he owns the map when it comes to events hosted by supporters.

Both Sanders and Clinton ramped up their websites recently to give supporters the capability to organize and host events for Super Tuesday and beyond. Meetups, watch parties, carpools, flier drops—you name it.

In addition to 179 events sanctioned by the two campaigns, there are 475 unofficial events being organized by Sanders supporters on Tuesday, listed either on the campaign site or on the website Eventbrite. Many are being held in supporters’ own homes. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a phone bank happening at your house right now.

None of the Republican candidates give supporters the option to self-organize on their campaign websites. Donald Trump, who relies more on huge rallies and media coverage anyway, is hosting just two official events, one in Columbus, Ohio, and one in Louisville, Kentucky. His rivals are each holding only one or two events on Tuesday.

Just in case you don’t have plans yet, here is a map of today’s official and unofficial campaign events.

Data source: Candidate websites and Eventbrite, updated as of 2/29/2016

Daniel McLaughlin is a creative technologist exploring the 2016 presidential election. Before joining Fusion, Daniel worked at the Boston Globe and graduated from MIT with a BS in urban studies and planning.

Kate Stohr is a data journalist and community builder based in San Francisco, CA.

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