Child Plays With, Taunts Helpless Tiger Cub


Two-year-old tiger wannabe Marshall Shaffer went to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Wash. this Halloween. In his little tiger costume, the little human ran back and forth, “playing” with the zoo’s baby Sumatran tiger cub, Kali.

The video is very cute if you’re one of those people who like new members of the human race.

So yes, again, it’s very cute and getting all kind of internet shares. But there’s a second video on Marshall Shaffer’s YouTube page (wait, a two-year-old child has a YouTube page?) that shows that the child spent another 2 minutes with the adorable tiger cub.

Let’s look at what really happened. As Marshall kisses and throws high fives against the glass, he increasingly taunts the poor baby tiger. Meanwhile, poor Kali breathes heavily, exhausted that he can never hug or eat this child who claims to be his friend.

So, Marshall Shaffer: play friend or PURE EVIL?

It’s more fun when children play with animals like this:

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